Health Professionals

What is the LEAF study?

This is a 5-year NHMRC funded epidemiological study conducted by the University of New South Wales and the Cancer Council Victoria. By studying people with and without lymphoma from the same family, we will examine the relationship between lifestyle and environmental exposures, common genetic variants, and risk of follicular lymphoma.

Recruitment: methods and eligibility

All persons with a histologically confirmed diagnosis of follicular lymphoma in NSW between July 2011 - Dec 2015 and in VIC between Jan 2011- Dec 2015 are eligible. They must also be able to give informed consent, have no prior blood cancer and complete a questionnaire in English. With their permission a participant's sibling or a spouse/partner will also be invited to participate as a control.

Recruitment is via the Cancer Registries as well as through the clinical community where possible, to pass on the participant leaflet and seek consent for cases to be contacted by the LEAF team with an invitation to participate.

What does this study involve?

Participation involves the following:

  • Completion of questionnaires (approximately 60 minutes)
    Participants are asked to complete questionnaires as a telephone interview or in paper version. We will collect information about lifestyle factors and environmental exposures such as smoking, sun exposure, occupational history etc.
  • Collection of a saliva sample
    All participants will be asked to provide a saliva sample for genomic DNA.
  • Access to archival tumour tissue.
    We will confirm diagnosis, characterise the tumours and determine t14;18 status where it has not been done. We will create a biobank for future lymphoma research including prognostic studies.
  • Clinical information and data linkage
    We will source all pathology reports and ask clincians to complete a brief survey where possible, providing the elements of FLIPI (or FLIPI2), and first-line treatment type.

    We will verify family history of cancer through data linkage with the Australian Cancer Database, and obtain case’s vital status via linkage with the National Death Index.

For more information about the study please contact Claire Vajdic on 02 9385 1424 or